Ken Bolton & Sal Brereton with hand-painted plate
announcing a local Bush Dance


The Coal Cliff
Kurt Brereton & Kate Richards

Super 8 film
15mins 1981 Sydney
Speed 24 fps sound

Actors: Sal Brereton, Kate Richards, Ken Bolton, Kurt Brereton

Previously screened at:
the second Super 8 Film Festival Sydney 1981
ICA London 1982
King St Gallery, Bristol 1983


The Coal Cliff is a non-linear narrative that tracks the everyday mundane dramas that make up relationships. Set in a house "squat" at Coal Cliff on the south coast of NSW, the film conflates time (a weekend trip) while expanding a sense of space (coastal cliff backdrop), The film plays with the relationship between sound and image (synchronicity) as a metaphor for unfolding expectations, desires and disappointments necessarily connected with intimacies between lovers, friends and family.