Natural Histories Touring Exhibition K

Kurt Brereton & Kit Edwardes

Kit Edwardes in Artspace Gallery, Sydney 1984
Kit Edwardes in Artspace Gallery, Sydney 1984

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Kit Edwardes Racing for Art performance (387k movie)

Natural Histories

Kurt Brereton and Kit Edwardes
1983-84 England/Australia

Gallery Venues:
Watershed Gallery, Bristol; Experimental Art Foundation Adelaide; Artspace, Sydney

Exhibition comprised photographic and mix media installations, performances and accompanying book. Each exhibition was constructed in large part of readymade or found materials close to the gallery that were then used to critically highlight specific political, cultural and social events that were gripping the imagination of the audience during the span of the shows. The aim of the shows was to challenge what was natural and historical about both the past and present – ie the process of mythologising the cultural as natural via language, art, tourist images, family albums etc.

A collection of sculptural and large format photographic wall pieces that travelled in a suitcase with the artists from venue to venue. At each city a series of comic style performances were conducted in galleries, universities, schools and pubs together with a series of media interviews.